Ear Poppers

Gross Ear Popper Videos

Pimple popping videos have become very popular recently. A pimple can suddenly be felt at any part of your face – even the ears. Pimples are a source of stress to most people, especially the teenagers. That is why a majority of the gross pimple popping videos are shot by teenagers.

Though uncommon, pimples in ear is not unheard of. The causes of pimples is not known exactly. Many times when you scratch the inside of your ear, your fingernails are not clean, so this can lead to an infection that turns into a pimple because they made an open scratch, allowing bacteria to get inside the scratch. Sebum, the component of ear wax, when trapped in a pore and is not released, and then also pimples may occur. Otherwise, an infection in the ear can also lead to ear pimples. Other than ear pimples, furuncles (boils) in the ear are also displayed in such videos. The causes of furuncles are not known and they can appear suddenly. When this furuncles burst, your ears ooze out certain discharges. These are a hit among the pimple popping video fraternity.

Whatever the reason, gross ear pimple popping videos are widely viewed and shared. Though not as popular as other pimples, ear pimples have a regular fan base. Here you can watch a variety of gross ear popping videos to satiate your curiosity. Those who do not have an idea yet as to what ear popping videos are, we advise you to watch at least one video. With our range of videos, anyone would soon be addicted. On our site, you can not only watch videos, you can upload them too. That way you can share with the whole world your experience in popping an ear pimple or furuncle. Maybe your pimple is the biggest in the world and you are depriving the world of watching the biggest pimple popped video in the world. Many videos are added every day, so be sure to check out every few days to view the latest zit popping videos!

These videos can also be viewed as educational. They show you how people pop their years’ old pimple effectively and you can follow the same. These gross pimple popping videos also give you a sense of belonging: If you had thought that you are the only one with a century old pimple in your ear, these videos are testament to the fact that you are not alone. So don’t cower in the shadows because you have an ugly pimple in your ear, pop it out, share it with the world and live a happy life!

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